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sawfish package & other activities in Debian

Hi Rodrigo,

I see you are active in your maintenance of stunnel4 in Debian, having
made an upload just four days ago and several uploads over the last
few months. Nice to see you are active in Debian.

By contrast, I don't see activity on sawfish; your last upload was in
November 2009, and there was an unacknowledged NMU in August 2011; bug
#565249 requesting upload of new upstream version is unanswered since
January 2010.

I just wanted to see if you still want to maintain sawfish in Debian,
and have the time to do so, or if it would be time to file a RFH/RFA
on it?

The new upstream is at http://sawfish.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page

Best Regards and thank you for your time,


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