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Re: DUCK - the Debian Url Checker

Zitat von Arno Töll <arno@debian.org>:


On 06.06.2012 15:18, Simon Kainz wrote:
Please tell me what you think about it - I have already some more
features planned.

looks good and useful. Thanks for looking at this! This list isn't
complete, is it? I'm quite surprised how many links are broken though.

Actually, this list is complete in terms of "broken links" - Currently I process all packages from sid/main. Packages from contrib & non-free might be even more interesting :-). I will incorporate that in the future. Also I will add my checks for the VCS-* in the source packages

I do also wonder what the point of the architecture selection is. The
URL comes from the source package?

No, the url comes from the binary package - I know that one source package results in possibly one binary package for every arch supported, but the homepage entries in the source packages sometimes contain markups and some variable substitution magic which leads to lots of "false positives". Maybe I rework the result list and just display a bitfield showing which architectures the package was built for - we'll see...

 Maybe this service should run at
qa.debian.org at some point (but it's not up to me to decide on that),
but I think it would be an useful addition to that.

Yes, good point, Paul Wise alredy suggested hosting it on debian.net - we'll see.

Also, the usual question for a Debian affiliated project: Where is the
source code? :>

Yes, you are right - I will prettify the whole thing and will publish it. My announcement of DUCK was also to see if there is some interest in the project at all. If no one would be interested, I would have just ditched the whole thing.

I will announce it when I am ready.



with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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