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Parsing single debian/control file using python-debian


I'm unsure whether this might be the proper mailing list to ask
questions like this - but I have no better idea.

I intend to parse some machine readable files in some team maintained
packages.  When trying something like

   ctrl = open('debian/control','r')
   for ctrlstanza in deb822.Packages.iter_paragraphs(ctrl):
       print ctrlstanza

I get the full text of debian/control (same if I try
deb822.Sources.iter_paragraphs instead) - so there is no chance to parse
the single paragraphs in the Sources and Binary packages section.  I
might be stupid because I'd regard this as a basic use case for
python-debian but I did not found a way to approach this.  Any hint how
to do this properly?

Kind regards and thanks for any hint



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