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Re: UDD broken for dde.debian.net

On 28/03/12 at 15:52 +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> BTW, I'm a bit concerned that it seems that there is nobody any more who
> feels responsible for UDD in general and we have a lot of different
> people plumbing on different places in UDD.  Thanks to Lucas we have a
> really great tool but he obviosely drifted to some other tasks and I
> think we are in urgent need of somebody who feels able to take over the
> coordination.  (And to say it clearly:  I'm fine with helping in some
> parts but I will not take over this role.)

Just to clarify my position: I am currently:
(1) quite busy with real work
(2) quite demotivated by the long standing UDD performance issues, which
    I consider to be mainly caused by the use of extremely old hardware
    (a full bugs import takes < 20 mins on my laptop, vs > 1 hour on

Progress is expected in the next weeks/months on (2) since DSA is
actively working on setting up a new machine for UDD. Until then, I'll
try to do the minimal work to keep UDD running (and that does not
include making changes to DB structure, or reviewing changes that others
want to make).
When a new machine is available, I'll make the necessary work to move
UDD there, and use that opportunity for a big cleanup.


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