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Re: Description-less packages file

Hi Stuart,

On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 04:07:07PM +0000, Stuart Prescott wrote:
> I volunteered the other day to look at incorporating Description-md5 into 
> UDD and the attached patch deals with this change in the packages tables. I 
> think it is ready to apply to UDD right now as a pre-requisite to fixing the 
> ddtp gatherer (I applied it to my local UDD a week or so ago); unless anyone 
> has any comments on it, I guess I'll commit it to svn soon.

Cool.  I'll be offline tomorrow but could do a review of your work while
travelling which would be perfect for my schedule.
> > I have written the UDD importer for DDTP descriptions and noticed
> > that the location where I was drawing the dscriptions from are not
> > featuring the English version.  Any hint were to get these?
> Sure -- there's a i18n/Translation-en file in the same location as the other 
> translations on the mirrors. That file is in the same format, mapping 
> Description-md5 to the English version of the description.

Right, I was specifically caring for the md5 sums which were included in
the Translations_udd dir which was specifically prepared for the UDD
importer by Grisu.  If the English version is featuring this I'd be more
than happy.
> The Description-md5 that is in the Packages and Translation files and the 
> values that UDD has been calculating from description and long_description 
> for the ddtp table are identical which should make it easier to adapt to the 
> new setup -- much of the work done by the ddtp gatherer is now done by dak 
> instead which in the long run should make the gatherer much simpler.

Yes.  I reall ylove this change because it makes everything much more

> Finding the English long-description for a package will now need to be done 
> with a join against the ddtp table. For UDD users that just want the English 
> text, this is a little more work, but for ddtp, I suspect this will actually 
> be a lot easier because everything is in the same table.


> Are you happy to take on fixing the ddtp gatherer and whatever is using this 
> table? (I think you're in a better position to do so than I am)

While I do not know that I have some specific position compared to
others in the QA team (we are all equals, right)  I'd happily care for
this as soon as possible.

Many thanks for the patch



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