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Bug#507288: mails to $pkg@p.d.o should also be send to Uploaders:


On Tue, 02 Dec 2008, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 09:39:57AM +0100, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> > If someone cares enough about that to work on it, I'd like to see a
> > document(DEP-like) that would include:
> I second this proposal, it seems to really be what we need.
> Unfortunately, I don't see myself having the energy to pursue that in
> the near future, hence I'm not volunteering to be a driver.
> Any takers?

I have started to work on a DEP that is a bit broader in scope but that
should fix this at the same time.


In fact I combine an old idea that I already exposed (about tracking
commitments) with a central infrastructure to dispatch information to
package maintainers.

The draft is not complete but it explains the basic issue, a simple
solution to the problem of information flow, and a simple transition

Comments are welcome and supplementary drivers are also accepted.

I expect that the most difficult part will be to decide how to deal with
the "commitment tracking" part. What should we log? What sort of
relationships should be defined and what should they imply (in terms of
default set of information provided, and of associated commitments)? Etc.

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