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Bug#647708: qa.debian.org: madison.php missing lenny suite


> > It seems that the madison.php [0] interface is currently lacking
> > information about the lenny suite.  However, it seems that
> > lenny-security is still included.

> AFAIK madison.php is symlinked or redirected to use UDD [1], and UDD\
> has dropped the data about etch and lenny recently:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-qa/2011/10/msg00021.html

This actually caused a problem: I released a DSA without an update for lenny, 
because from rmadison output I was lead to believe that this package wasn't 
included in lenny at all. rmadison gets rather useless if I can't trust it to 
list all supported suites a package is in.

It seems a bit premature to me to drop the lenny data from UDD while the 
release still and only has one more month of its lifetime to go.

How reversible is this?
If not, perhaps rmadison should use `dak ls` as backend? I'm not convinced 
that this bug needs to be marked as wontfix at this stage, as rmadison now 
makes a promise (that it supplies the output of dak ls) that it can't keep.


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