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Re: Amazon AWS credits for Debian QA work; help needed!


On 23/10/11 at 14:29 +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> At this point, I'm fairly confident that we will get sponsored by Amazon
> to be able to run those tests on the AWS Cloud. I don't have the exact
> amount yet, but it's likely that we get enough credits to run ~60 full
> archive rebuilds. So it might not be limited to what I'm currently
> doing, but could be extended to other tests (installation testing,
> execution of code analysis tools, rebuilds in special environments,
> etc).

I can now confirm that we were awarded $10,000 from Amazon, to use on
AWS. (Many thanks to everyone who made it possible!)

Regarding the account set-up on Amazon AWS, I propose to use a
cloud@qa.debian.org email alias, so that I'm out of the critical path
(bus factor, etc).

Now, there's one problem: a credit card number is required to create the
account. It will only be charged if we spend all our credits without
noticing, or if someone reserves resources that we are not allowed to
reserve with this voucher (the list of such cases is very limited).
I see two solutions here:
- Debian has a credit card we can use for that.
- I use my own, but since the goal is to open that account to others,
  I'd prefer to have a statement from the DPL saying "if there's a
  fuck-up and you end-up being billed for Debian's use of AWS, you will
  get reimbursed out of Debian funds."

Dear DPL, could you comment on the above?

> There's some work to do to convert the existing scripts to leverage
> Amazon infrastructure. For example, we could use Amazon SQS for the
> queueing, etc. Is someone interested in working on that?

I did not receive any offer for that. I would be able to do it myself,
but probably not before december.


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