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removing old automake versions from Debian?

Hi Eric, QA folks,

It seems that automake1.4 no longer has any reverse (build-)deps and we
are at the start of the wheezy cycle, so now might be a good time to
remove it. If you agree, please file a removal request.

automake1.7 still has 30 source packages with build-deps on it. Seems to
me that removing it is quite achievable in the wheezy cycle.

automake1.9 has 2 binary packages with deps on it and 142 source
packages with build-deps on it. Removing this is probably also
achievable within the wheezy cycle.

automake1.10 has only 37 source packages with build-deps on it, so it
could also be removed. On the other hand it is a relatively recent
release so various upstream developers running testing might be relying
on it.



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