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Re: [UDD] Fixing (most) email addresses in upload_history table

On 23/01/11 at 00:41 +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi again,
> additional remark to the Duplicated Key problem:  If I do a
>   TRUNCATE upload_history_closes
> before I do a full import this works smoothly and the exception is not
> triggered.  So I commited the code without the try-exccept code in the
> patch suggested in my previous mail.
> If you want to become the new code full effect you need to set
>   only-recent: False
> in your config file as said below and as long as the Duplicate Key
> problem exists you need to TRUNCATE the upload_history_closes table
> as said above.
> BTW, a
> udd=# SELECT maintainer, maintainer_email, changed_by, changed_by_email, signed_by FROM upload_history WHERE (maintainer_email not like '%@%' or changed_by_email not like '%@%') and changed_by_email != 'N/A' and maintainer_email != 'N/A';
> reveals some other cases where some reasonable guesses about valid
> e-mail adresses can be done if you compare maintainer, changed_by and
> signed_by for the name and username part of the email.  While for
> my application it is not really necessary to be that picky, it could
> help when gaining for real completeness.

Could you take care of doing this on udd.debian.org? I don't have the
time currently.

- Lucas

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