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[Debian RT] Resources needed for qa.debian.org

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here's a list of things qa needs on quantz.debian.org:

merkel's /org/qa.debian.org is 13GB atm. There's two big chunks:
 * popcon-graphs: 5.1G (necessary)
 * data/mole/db: 6.1G (probably room for improvement)

There's also stuff in /org/scratch:
 * mole/todo: 291M (basically cached data, will regenerate itself)
 * all-popcon-results: 1.7G (mirror from popcon.d.o, can be recopied,
   or even stripped down to recent files. Will evaluate that)

That said, an /srv/scratch on quantz would be nice as that's stuff
that doesn't need backup.

We need a /home/qa, basically to put ssh keys there for the triggers
from ftp-master. (I.e. /etc/ssh/userkeys/qa should be a symlink to

Postgres, twofold:
 * projectb mirror (or live version?) in a close subnet

 * qa database: Could also be on a remote host. There's the
   possibility that data mining jobs could eat CPU cycles in Postgres,
   so a local DB would then waste the QA's host resources, if that's
   prefered of doing that on a remote host.

   The current DB has around 5 GB which is expected to grow.
   Luckily, the dump is only around 700MB, so easy to transfer.

   This should be a database with utf-8 encoding/collation/ctype.

We need a full ftp mirror, NFS is ok. Bonus points for
volatile/backports/security mirrors.

We need a BTS copy. I believe the index files are enough, but I hear
plans are to provide a full mirror anyway.

Mail: the mia tracking needs catch-all adresses
(mia-$maintname@qa.debian.org, see
/org/qa.debian.org/mail/.forward-default). This can probably be
changed to a single address using plus-adressing, but I'd prefer if
that was changed after the move so it doesn't block on it.

The PTS relays quite a bit of stuff through qa.debian.org, so mail is
definitely needed.

Oh, we need an apache. :)

/org/bugs.qa.debian.org/ (and the vhost) does not need to be
resurrected, I don't believe anyone is using it. (And it certainly
hasn't seen someone maintaining it for years.)

I do have a "list" of needed packages, but it is far from complete.
README lists as of now: libxml-simple-perl

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