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Re: Merkel going away

On 09/05/2010 08:14 PM, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> On Sun, 05 Sep 2010, Luk Claes wrote:
>>> merkel.debian.org, aka nm.debian.org, qa.debian.org, etc., has become
>>> increasingly unstable over the past few months.  Due to upcoming changes
>>> in the hosting for all the machines hosted at Fort Collins, we have
>>> decided to ask the hoster to leave it turned off when they move the
>>> other machines.
>>> We have begun communicating with the affected teams about moving their
>>> services to alternate machines.  The projectb mirror/ftp mirror will be
>>> relocated in the near future to ries.
>> Does that mean every DD can login to ries and that qa.debian.org will
>> also move to ries?
> yes.  and no.
> I think the plan was to move qa to salieri, tho nothing has been done on
> that front yet.

The reason I ask is because http://qa.debian.org/madison.php (which gets
called from rmadison from the devscripts package) needs a working dak,
so currently relies on the mirror being local.



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