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suggestion about RFA and O

Hi all,
Maybe this isn't the place to make this suggestion but
I'd like know if this is posible.
Sometimes when I'm looking for how to collaborate with
Debian, I arrive to [1] but always find this problem for me.
Bugs tagged with "RFA" or "O" ,at my opinion, should have its
own link to PTS and if is posible with the download web page, this
save time to know a litle bit about the package, its general PTS data
and could know if the upstream author is active.
Basically it could be insert two items in the bug report body.
I was thinking report a whislist bug against reportbug, but I'd like to know
if this is the correct way or maybe I'm wrong. Sorry I'm newbie about
this subjects.


[1] http://wnpp.debian.net/

Elías Alejandro

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