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Checked orphaned packages

Hi everyone,

I recently took a few minutes to have a look at orphaned packages.
(Un)Fortunately they didn't need an upload, so they're ok. But then I
thought, how do you know which packages I already looked at? So this is
about avoiding double work. (If there already is a solution to this that
I simply didn't know, please tell me NOW :))

Using a fairly comples UDD query, some wml stuff on merkel and then a
few ugly php hacks, I've written a page that displays all orphaned
packages and next to them a button "checked". Once you click it, the
package get's an entry for this. To spot problems colors indicate
possible issues.

Unless someone asks, I won't go into detail here. I uploaded a sample
page to alioth [1] for you to check out if you like it. It includes a
very small subset of packages but the data is real (although not updated
from UDD). Please, click around a bit.

When viewing all orphaned packages the page gets quite long. I know how
much some of you hate javascript but a simple hide/show funktion
attached to the package details might seriously be a good idea if this
should be used with real data.


[1] http://alioth.debian.org/~jhr/orphan-check.php

PS: To be a bit more precise about implementation: the package data is
fetched during page creation (wml -> php) from UDD; the info about a
package being checked or not is stored in a db4 file. For more ask me
(or look at the code but don't hit me then).

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