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Bug#572243: [DEHS] watch file not picked up by DEHS, pkg displayed as having no watch file

Package: qa.debian.org
Severity: normal

I've brought this already up a few days ago on #debian-qa and raphael (IRC nick
name) looked into it, but wasn't able to find the reason for the following
problem. I'm reporting this now to the BTS, so it doesn't get forgotten.

A package of mine (skanlite) is displayed by DEHS as not having a debian/watch
file (see [0]). But as can be verified easily by checking the contents of the
.debian.tar.bz2 file [1], the package _does_ have a watch file. Using said watch
file locally with uscan works and reports back correctly whether there is a new
 upstream version or not:
> $ uscan --verbose --no-download
> -- Scanning for watchfiles in .
> -- Found watchfile in ./debian
> -- In debian/watch, processing watchfile line:
>    opts=pasv,downloadurlmangle=s/http\:\/\/dev\.carbon-project\.org\/debian\/skanlite\/\.\/dl/ftp\:\/\/ftp\.kde\.org\/pub\/kde\/stable/     http://dev.carbon-project.org/debian/skanlite/watch.html     \./dl/(?:.*)/src/extragear/skanlite-([\d\.]+-kde[\d\.]+)\.tar\.bz2     debian svn-upgrade
> -- Found the following matching hrefs:
>      ./dl/4.3.0/src/extragear/skanlite-0.3-kde4.3.0.tar.bz2
>      ./dl/4.3.1/src/extragear/skanlite-0.3-kde4.3.1.tar.bz2
>      ./dl/4.4.0/src/extragear/skanlite-0.4-kde4.4.0.tar.bz2
> Newest version on remote site is 0.4-kde4.4.0, local version is 0.4-kde4.4.0
>  => Package is up to date
> -- Scan finished

It would be nice, if somebody could look into this and fix DEHS.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch

[0] http://dehs.alioth.debian.org/report.php?package=skanlite


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