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First working prototype - Was: Re: Triplification of bugs in UDD


Thanks Lucas, for the changes in the bugs table. 

Now, it's more easy to convert to sioc:User and foaf:Person entities.

You can find an example of what we can achieve with triplify at 
https://picoforge.int-evry.fr/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Helios_wp3/Web/TriplifyUddToRdf (look at the attachments saved from triplify running on my local machine)

Only small minor additions to the postgres DB are necessary to make
triplify work : a sha1 function and a table to match emails to their
sha1 mailto: hashes.

Next step is to try and make it live on the net.

Comments welcome.

Le vendredi 24 juillet 2009 à 18:43 +0200, Lucas Nussbaum a écrit :
> On 24/07/09 at 18:05 +0200, Olivier Berger wrote:
> > The hard part is the change in the database schema to split the
> > submitters email into name and email, to easily be able to match
> > carnivore entries with bug submitters (for some outdated explanations of
> > the views I used for doing so, see [1]).
> This is now implemented in UDD (also for bug owners, and for the 'done'
> field -- bug closers). The columns should populate during the next run
> of the importers.
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