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Re: RFS: xcftools (updated package, former O)

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 10:31:17PM +0300, George Danchev wrote:
> > I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 1.0.7-1 of the package
> > "xcftools". It was orphaned by the former maintainer (who is upstream as
> > well) and I intend to adopt it with this upload.
> > I would be glad if someone uploaded this package for me.
> Package uploaded. Thanks for taking care of these issues.

Thanks for uploading!

> A minor comment, though: it might be a good idea to also include 
> /usr/share/quilt/quilt.make in your rules, so that users can call patch and 
> unpatch (phony) targets on their demand.

Never thought someone does that but you have a point here. Will consider
for future uploads.


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