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Bug#465434: qa.debian.org: Uscan Errors processing Watch File


I'm not sure about "consistently".  Maybe the website used in debian/watch is
slightly slower than most others.  Then using a slightly higher timeout value
should fix that.

But, there's more than "iat".  For example, the package libnet-cidr-perl is
marked with "Error" on
http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=bartm@debian.org&ordering=1 and I
don't see why.  Maybe there were temporary network problems, or maybe cpan.org
doesn't like the scanning for multiple packages in a row (hammering).

Possible approaches to solve this: Adding some sleep calls between consecutive
scans on the same website.  Displaying the old version on the
qa-developer-pages until the next rescan is successful.  Re-scanning
selectively briefly (minutes/hours) after the failed scans to deal with
temporary errors.  So basically it's about tuning the rescanning.


Bart Martens

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