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Bug#524120: transitions.yaml handling: the PTS needs to grok finished transitions

Package: qa.debian.org


the PTS has support to show information about packages blocked by the
Release Team because of some ongoing transition. The set of blocked
packages is found via the transitions.yaml file at [1].

The way it works is that the Release Team specifies a target
package/version combination that must migrate to testing, and all listed
packages are blocked until that version or a later one migrates. When
that happens, the block is automatically lifted, i.e. dak no longer
rejects uploads.

It’d be good if the PTS could gain support for doing the same. At the
moment, for example, the transitions.yaml file lists the evolution-data-server
transition, and hence packages like beagle [2] are listed as affected.

The target source is given in the “source” field of each transition
stanza, and the target version in the “new” field.

Until this bug is fixed, I’ll try to always leave a finished transition
around in case you need it for testing or whatever.


  [1]: http://ftp-master.debian.org/transitions.yaml
  [2]: http://packages.qa.debian.org/b/beagle.html

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