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Re: does /var/games have to be deleted on purge? (if it's empty..)

Hi Russ,

On Montag, 6. April 2009, Russ Allbery wrote:
> We'd then have a similar problem with any other /var directory that holds
> files mostly created at runtime and only deleted on purge, such as
> /var/log, except that the rest are always in existence.

According to the FHS the other 4 directories in the same category 
as /var/games are /var/account, /var/crash, /var/mail and /var/yp.

> I don't see much real benefit in going out of our way to remove /var/games

less cruft on disk, better overview when doing "ls /var", but yeah... that's 
not really much :)

> and it looks like it would be a bit annoying (at the least, require adding
> purge code to all games that put files in /var/games that would usually
> never be triggered).

Sounds like a job for debhelper/cdbs to me...

> My inclination would be to say that this behavior is 
> fine and perhaps we should officially bless it somewhere.

I'd appreciate that, I like to follow documented procedures when adding 
checks/ignores to piuparts and then run it on the archive ;)


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