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Re: UDD and DEHS (Was: Please provide a simple example)

On Fri, 13 Feb 2009, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:

Well, January is over. ;-)
Any news regarding watch file information.

erm, no, unfortunately. Want to work on it? :-)

I prefer to work on things I have enough knowledge first - perhaps
some people who harvested watch file information at other places would
like to step in?


and injects the following structure in UDD:

   package, language, version, distribution, release, component (='main'),
   description, long_description

Sounds good. Maybe reorder them a bit:
   package, version, distribution, release, component (='main'),
   language, description, long_description

I actually have no strong opinion about the order - you invented UDD
and have probably some bigger scheme in mind ...
I rather wonder what you think about component because according to
current DDTP data it is always 'main' - but in the future this might
perhaps change.  On the other hand the info is reduncant because you
might be able to obtain
   distribution, release, component
from packages table if you have
   package, version  .
I would like to know what degree of normalisation you might have in mind.

I just have written code which parses the translation files - so it
is not a big deal to inject this into UDD.  I would like to change
my tasks pages code to gather this information from UDD afterwards.
The rationale behind this is that it is cheap for me to provide this
info for UDD (because the main part of the code is written) and IMHO
it makes perfectly sense to store this in UDD for other usage than
Blends tasks pages.

Do you want to write the UDD importer yourself? We could give you gid

That was basically ma suggestion.  Any example importers to let me
see how it works?

Perhaps even better would be a direct injection of the data by DDTP
team - but I would like to hear your opinion about DDTP data in UDD

I think I discussed that with Nicolas Francois at FOSDEM, and it sounded
like a good idea.

That would be really cool.

Another type of data I would really like to see in UDD is data from

both images and metadata? or only metadata?

Only metadata.  I see no reason to duplicate the images.

Kind regards



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