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Re: Monitoring debian/shlibs.local files?

On Sun, Dec 21, 2008, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> I'm wondering whether it might be a good idea to track those in source
> packages, so as to make sure bugs got filed, and that those files go
> away. Having a fixed shlibs file would be profitable to all packages
> linking against this library, rather than having a single package
> getting its dependencies properly, through its shlibs.local file.

 I'm all for it; over time I came across a bunch of broken packages
 due to shlibs.local files, or simply with the risk of these files
 bitrotting and causing issues later.

 Just like we have descriptions for patches, we could require a
 description for shlibs.local, perhaps with a #xxxxxx bug in the text;
 when enough packages drop shlibs.local or implement the comment, we can
 add a lintian tag.  I would expect not too many packages should keep it
 though; it's probably cruft in most cases.

Loïc Minier

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