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Re: Reusing python-btsutils for bts-link

Hi Sandro.

Thanks for your mail.

I'm interested in trying to help improve bts-link's code and features in
the frame of the Helios project, but I think I can't help on deciding
what's best as for where bts-link would be maintained.

It would help me to be able to commit to it (maybe in SVN branches),
should Pierre or others accept my contributions (like using python
bugtracker client libs instead of original code, etc.), then of course.

Lookin forward to hearing from you or others gurus ;)

Best regards,

Le mercredi 17 décembre 2008 à 20:27 +0100, Sandro Tosi a écrit :

> First of all, thanks for your interest in bts-link. Some time back
> Pierre looked for an adopter [1] (and follow up on -devel[2]) for
> bts-link (and I have volunteered [3] to integrate it into the QA
> architecture, but I admit I didn't any progress on this :( and I
> noticed you even partecipate to that thread [4] I didn't remember!).
> I still think maintain the service on QA arch is the best solution,
> and (I think) QA team maintain its stuff in its own svn repo only (but
> I'm not sure at all about it), and I'd be happy to maintain that
> service (eventually enhancing and fixing if needed, and help if
> welcome as usual)
> So, if we all agree QA is the way to go, I still volunteer to
> integrate it (and I'll try to follow it up in the next weeks) maybe we
> can merge the code in QA svn repo (but then I don't know the commit
> access policy) or keep the code in git [5] and push it on QA arch
> (better to just give commit access to not the whole QA code, if
> needed).
> Just let me know, and I'll start bothering QA gurus about policies and
> procedures :)

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