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Orphaned packages that were not part of etch, take 2

Re: Frank Lichtenheld 2008-07-20 <20080720144542.GR11882@mail-vs.djpig.de>
> I've compiled a list of orphaned packages that were not part of etch
> (and, unless otherwise noted, were not part of sarge).
> I think it would be a good idea to remove some of them (at least from
> testing) before lenny's release. Including a package in a stable release
> gives it much more weight and it usually survives longer in the archive
> even if it only bitrots. So removing unneccessary packages now would be
> a good idea IMHO.


I intend to file a new round of removal requests from testing for
packages that were not part of etch and are orphaned:

bcm5700-source - #494707
chdrv - #503522
darksnow - #497141
ikvm - #466336
libvisual-projectm - #494502
nautilus-share - #501938
php-openid - #501946
qtparted - #482400
sparkline-php - #483252
xar - #446003

Except for qtparted the popcon numbers are all pretty low.

Joey had concerns against the removal of sparkline-php in July. Popcon
lists 5 installations, so I'd propose to remove it. Joey?

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