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Re: RFS: rplay (updated package, QA upload)

On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 21:11, Vincent Bernat <bernat@debian.org> wrote:
> OoO En  cette nuit nuageuse du  lundi 18 août 2008,  vers 00:20, "Sandro
> Tosi" <matrixhasu@gmail.com> disait :
>> I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 3.3.2-12
>> of package "rplay" (QA upload).
> This package was quite  a mess. I see that you put  some of it under the
> carpet of debian/patches. ;-)

eheh, more mess, more fun :)

>> E: rplay-client: sharedobject-in-library-directory-missing-soname
>> usr/lib/devrplay.so
>>   - here I don't know how to fix... it's seems this library is not
>> used by any binary objects in any package build thin rplay source. For
>> the rule "don't fix what's not broken" I left it were it was.
> It is  used by preloading in  rplaydsp. Maybe it should  have been moved
> outside /usr/lib in something like /usr/lib/rplay.
> I have uploaded your updated package.

Thanks a lot!


Sandro Tosi (aka morph, Morpheus, matrixhasu)
My website: http://matrixhasu.altervista.org/
Me at Debian: http://wiki.debian.org/SandroTosi

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