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Bug#498108: qa.debian.org: package with comment-only 'debian/watch' reported as "Error"

Package: qa.debian.org
Severity: normal

Some packages do not have an upstream that can be checked. In many 
cases, such packages have a 'debian/watch' file consisting only of 
comments that explain why 'uscan' cannot be used for the package.

The DEHS reports this as a package "without a checkable upstream", 
which is not an error. It also uses the comments in the 'debian/watch' 
file as the explanation.


The QA package summary incorrectly lists "Error" for the package, 
linking to the DEHS report (which shows it as not an error).


The QA package summary should, instead, report this situation 
indicating the upstream version is unknown, but *not* as an error.

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