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Bug#489050: qa.debian.org: PTS says error processing watch file, DEHS says no error

Package: qa.debian.org
Severity: normal

Recently I added a 'debian/watch' file to my package, 'lojban-common'. 
The file processes via 'uscan --report' with no errors, and has done 
so since it was added.

The PTS page <URL:http://packages.qa.debian.org/l/lojban-common.html> 

    The package has a debian/watch file, but the last attempt to use 
    it for checking for newer upstream versions failed with an error.

The text "an error" is an anchor linking, not to an error, but to
the DEHS page for the package.

That DEHS page shows that the watch file was processed with no errors:

    Uscan Errors processing Watch File: No errors

Why is the PTS page claiming there is an error processing the watch 
file, and linking to a page that shows there was no such error?

I doubt it's because of some stale state: To my knowledge, the package 
has *never* caused an error from its watch file, because the only one 
it's ever had has never caused an error.

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