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[PTS] Tiny glitch (extra space) on “All bugs” count


on the right side of the PTS pages, one can notice there's a space
between “All bugs (graph)” and the following “:”. It looks like it's due
to the following lines in the XSL file:
[ ./pts/www/xsl/pts.xsl ]
331       </xsl:element>)
332     </td>

which leads to a considered-meaningful space at least under konqueror
and iceweasel. For those wondering, the “:” is added through CSS, see
[ ./wml/revamp.css ]
130 td.labelcell:after {
131     content: ":";
132 }

A solution would be to put </td> right after the closing “)”, but ISTR
there's some way to specify in XSLT that one should collapse all
spaces, or something like, which would be nicer and wouldn't break the
logical structure of the tags in the XSL file.

(I felt it was OK to mention that on the list only, but I can also open
a bug if that's preferred.)


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