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Re: RFS (QA Upload): libpam-foreground -- create lockfiles describing which users own which console

Vincent Bernat wrote:
OoO Pendant le journal télévisé du  jeudi 22 mai 2008, vers 20:07, Barry
deFreese <bddebian@comcast.net> disait:

Here is a simple QA upload if someone has time to review and/or
upload.  The package had no bugs, I just changed the maintainer to
Debian QA, fixed standards version, etc.


Hi Barry!

You turn this  package into a native package  while the previous version
was not a native package. Is it intentional?

Actually it was a native package it just had a dashed version which was incorrect.

If you  want to  go further into  cleaning the  package, here are  a few
 + you can remove the fact that debian/rules is a sample file
 + you can  remove CFLAGS settings in debian/rules, this  is now done by
 + you can remove commented dh_* call in debian/rules

I'll look at these, thanks.

Barry deFreese

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