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Bug#482102: qa.debian.org: intelligent listing of debian/patches, git/quilt v3 format packages, etc

Here is what I wrote down about this patches.d.o idea (sorry, it's not
very well organized, and doesn't include some ideas mentioned in the
-devel@ thread).


  Provide simple place to learn about Debian-specific patches, for
  upstream, users and other DDs.
Features: browsing patches, downloading them, tracking status of

Split .diff.gz to extract patches for:
- each quilt/dpatch/simple-patchsys patch
- debian packaging stuff (remaining stuff in debian/ after patches
  have been removed)
- other patches done directly in .diff.gz
If a file was added (case for debian packaging) download the file,
not a diff.

Provide a way to download each patch separately.

Web interface available at http://patches.d.o/<package> or
http://patches.d.o/<package>/<version> where <version> can be:
- a version number in stable/testing/unstable/experimental
- "stable","testing","unstable","experimental" (so we need to store the
  version of the package in each suite) (goal: provide stable urls)
- "all", means patches for all suites. Merge identical (= same patch,
  not just same name) patches.
Patches extracted to http://patches.d.o/p/<package>/<version>

Tags to process in the patches:
  debian: the patch addresses a debian-specific problem
  upstream: the candidate is a candidate for upstream integration
  backport: the patch is a backport from an upstream fix
  URL of the bug that is fixed by the patch (possibly more than one bug)
  URL of the bug where the patch was forwarded upstream (possibly more than one)
others, see -devel@ thread.

Use bts-link to track the status of "Forwarded:" bugs. (talk with Pierre
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