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Re: RFH: piuparts testing of the archive


On Monday 07 April 2008 11:46, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> [ for those who don't know piuparts: piuparts tests that .deb packages
> (as used by Debian) handle installation, upgrading, and removal
> correctly. It does this by creating a minimal Debian installation in a
> chroot, and installing, upgrading, and removing packages in that
> environment, and comparing the state of the directory tree before and
> after. ]
> Before the etch release, I did a few piuparts runs on all packages, and
> filed the resulting bugs. I'd like someone to take over that task for
> lenny.
> What needs to be done is:
> - run installation/removal/purge tests for all packages
> - run upgrade tests for all packages in etch

A piuparts instance is set up on piatti.debian.org, testing all packages in a 

But unfortunatly, due to #464559 (merged with #466027, #466695, #467059, 
#475530) more than 70% of them fail.

So the biggest help piuparts could get now, would be someone fixing those 

> - make changes to piuparts to fix false positives or reduce the number
>   of failures by ignoring the less critical ones
> - file all the bugs (many of those are RC)

Of course, fixing bugs in piuparts also helps, but fixing the above bugs in 
apt is more critical atm.

Then we also need to file bugs on the piuparts results, but currently this is 
a waste of time.


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