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RE: long standing orphaned perl packages, round II

Hi All,

I have already taken libperlmenu-perl and I can also orphan
libtie-cache-perl and libqt-perl.

Deepak Tripathi

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From: Michael Ablassmeier [mailto:abi@grinser.de]
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 6:45 PM
To: debian-qa@lists.debian.org; debian-perl@lists.debian.org
Subject: long standing orphaned perl packages, round II

hi again,

there are some perl packages which have been orphaned for quite a while.
Attached a short list, maybe some of you guys from -perl are interested
in taking them over (or moving them to the pkg-perl group).

Some might aswell be candidates for removal, though.

 bug;        days;    package;                rdepends

 #233666       1070 libconfhelper-perl			1
 #279777        810 libbusiness-ups-per		
 #279778        810 libcdk-perl					1
 #279781        810 libcorba-orbit-perl		
 #279784(ITA)   810 libfile-counterfile-per	
 #279798        810 libnewt-perl			
 #279804        810 libtangram-perl			
 #279807        810 libtie-cache-perl		
 #312835        593 libapache-authznetldap-perl
 #314682        585 libvcs-perl					3
 #317272        566 libclass-prototyped-perl
 #317400        565 libextutils-f77-perl	
 #321338(ITA)   537 netcdf-perl				
 #333193        470 libperlmenu-perl		
 #344324        398 libmldbm-sync-perl			2
 #352616        345 libpalm-perl				3
 #354500        331 libxml-sablot-perl			1
 #357085        314 libnet-ftpserver-perl	
 #357344        313 libdb-file-lock-perl		1
 #379681        183 libqt-perl					8
 #379983        181 libpod-pom-perl			
 #400362         59 libapache-miniwiki-perl	
 #400365         59 librcs-perl					1

    - michael

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