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Re: Packages still linked against libstdc++5 in unstable

Nathanael Nerode <neroden@fastmail.fm> writes:
> jabber-jit

Still some users.

> juice

Almost no users, maintainer seems to be MIA.

> kimwitu++

Maintainer is still alive, but the package has like *no* users.

> launchtool

Maintainer is very alive, but the package isn't really used.

> le

Still has some users, but the maintainer seems to be very MIA (but isn't
reported as such in the MIA db)

> logtools

Maintainer alive, but the package has only a few users.

> maildir-bulletin

Same maintainer, but the package has almost no users.

> metacam

400 popcon installations, maintainer active.

> pathogen

236 installations, maintainer active.

> playmp3list

A few users, maintainer active.

> postal

Same maintainer as logtools, maildir-bulletin, but only a few users.

> pwsafe

Maintainer in the MIA DB, but the package still has a few users.

> qe

Maintainer foka, almost no users.

> qmc

Maintainer active, but almost no users.

> re

Maintainer active, some users.

> shaperd

Maintainer active, but almost no users.

> sillypoker

Maintainer a bit active and still some users.

> tardy

Almost no users, but twiki has a build-depends on it. Maintainer looks
MIA (but isn't in the DB)

> tigr-glimmer

Almost no users, maintainer looks MIA. Is depended on by the med-bio

> vncsnapshot

Maintainer active, but only a few users.

So, it looks like juice, maildir-bulletin, qe, qmc, shaperd and
tigr-glimmer are easy removals. Anyone interested to mail the respective

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