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Brian Basset is MIA

I've pinged him many times already (privately) and he showed no activity 
since 2003. He was the leader of a project called njs too, project that 
was almost erased from the face of the internet, about at the same 

I propose one sorts his packages out between the ones to orphan and the 
once to RM.

he maintains:

 * blogtk: should be orphaned.
 * entity: I've no real clue about this one, 84 at popcon, but upstream
           is dead, I'd vote for RM. needs a python transition and
           libtool update.

 * flexbackup: RC-Buggy, plenty of alternatives, upstream is dead -> RM
 * ngs-js: I'm interested to keep that one under my arm.
 * roy, is a lib, no reverse depends, no users -> RM.

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