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Wotomae (aka DWTT)  is about providing a tool  to make changes affecting
packages easier, like libraries transition, moves to another python/perl
version version policy changes... It is written during the Google Summer
of Code. You can read more about features of wotomae by reading the wiki
page [0].

At the  moment, almost features are working  (except visual preferences,
stats  and mass bug  filling).  I  think there  are a  lot of  things to
improve on the  interface, mainly usability.  After the  end of the SoC,
the interface will  be setup on an official debian box,  at the moment a
demo website is  available there [1]. Please try  the interface and send
any comments or bugs, it will help me a lot to improve the interface...

Arnaud Fontaine

[0] http://wiki.debian.org/DWTT
[1] http://samy.mini-dweeb.org:8080/

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