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Re: Renaming jaxml to python-jaxml

Le mar 1 août 2006 22:42, Matej Vela a écrit :
> retitle 380848 Python transition (#2): misnamed package with public
> modules thanks
> jaxml is a bit of an anomaly: it used a single package to provide a
> public module for Python 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3.  It's not a stand-alone
> application, so it should really, really be called python-jaxml.
> There are two reverse dependencies: zope-zshell, which is likely to
> be removed (#361018), and scanerrlog, which is about to break due to
> a dependency on python (<< 2.4).
> Victor, as the maintainer of scanerrlog, would you like to adopt
> jaxml?
> And QA folks: can we go ahead and remove jaxml immediately?  If it's
> adopted and renamed, it'll have to go through NEW anyway.

I just did an upload that addressed that, and the package should hit NEW 
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