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RM: rawrec, soundgrab -- RoQA; orphaned for a year, RC bug

retitle 288215 RM: rawrec -- RoQA; orphaned for a year, RC bug
reassign 288215 ftp.debian.org
retitle 288216 RM: soundgrab -- RoQA; orphaned for a year, depends on rawrec
reassign 288216 ftp.debian.org
block 167562 by 288215
block 225760 by 288215
block 323175 by 288215

I think we should remove rawrec and soundgrab.

  * Both have been orphaned for 1 year and 69 days.
  * rawrec has 1 RC bug.  I'm unable to confirm it because it won't even
    start for me ("the sampling rate (-s) could not be set ...").
  * soundgrab uses rawrec under the hood, and isn't usable without it.
  * bplay seems to be a reasonable command-line alternative for rawrec.
    AFAICT, no command-line alternatives for soundgrab, but plenty of
    audio editors do the same thing.
  * The previous Debian maintainer, Britton Leo Kerin, is also upstream
    for both:
  * popcon:
    - rawrec: 289 installations, 43 votes.
    - soundgrab: 37 installations, 10 votes.



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