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Bug#195121: PTS: show new upstream version available/integrate with dehs

severity 332938 normal
severity 286177 normal
severity 195121 normal


> Not that I have NOT merged 111068, because I think it has some
> potential which DEHS integration with packages.qa.d.o doesn't offer.

The PTS already does that, from www/xsl/pts.xsl:

 <!-- new upstream version goes in todo [FG] -->
 <xsl:if test="$other/@watch='yes' and $other/watch/@new!='0'">
   <li>A new upstream version was found:
      (<xsl:value-of select="$other/watch/@new"/>). <a href="{$other/watch/@url}"><xsl:value-of select="$other/watch/@url"/></a></li>

But appearently that's broken. Thus this is not a wishlist item but a
regular bug; and the "only" thing needed here is finding out where it's


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