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Bug#356042: qa.debian.org: watch column broken, completely no results for any package

user qa.debian.org@packages.debian.org
usertags 356042 + dehs

Re: Thijs Kinkhorst in <[🔎] 20060309120415.5481.42637.reportbug@darwin.os9.nl>
> The 'watch' and 'wwiz' columns in the DDPO are empty for all packages.

This is not entirely true, there's an entry for 1 package:


I agree that this isn't really much, though :)

> BTW, I'd like to file this bug under the "DDPO" usertag, but there seems to
> be no such way of doing that while reporting the bug, is there?

The problem on the dehs side, haven't checked the details yet.

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