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Re: qa - issue: lifecycle management / debian stable & security updates

Dirk Westfal wrote:

> quality assurance does not only consist of the technical part. 
> It also contains things like lifecycle management.
> Having read the resignement-mail of Martin Schulze, i think that this is one 
> of THE critical alarm signs that the quality of debian is at risk. 
> Meaning: the 'stable' release is what people out there are supposed to run, 
> and for which they can expect timely updates. 

Security updates are available via the security archive. The stable
release updates are a collection of mostly these security updates...

Note that the contents of the security archive isn't blocked by the
ftp-masters in any way that I'm aware of. I'm also confident that the
ftp-masters blocking on the stable release updates is only temporary and
will require less work in the future...

I don't expect any problems with the stable release updates by the way
as very capable persons have already taken over...



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