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Re: Propose to orphan drawmap, ploticus, ploticus-doc, zope-zshell - maintainer MIA

Hi Simon,

hmhm. I need to improve my mia queryring. Thanks for setting the record

Simon Huggins wrote:
> Stephen Frost replied to my mail about ploticus to -devel so might want
> to adopt it.
OK, thanks for CCing him. Yet, maybe officially orphaning it until
Stephen get's around to pick it up might be a good idea.
Missing out on a second Debian release because the status is unclear
would be a shame...

> I see the MIA DB has a note from the 12th February with "willfix" next
> to it.
Well, that'll make March 12th the usual expiration date (thankfully,
I've picked the month where I do date arithmetic with 4 weeks...).

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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