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QA activities list?

Is there a list of what QA activites are being done, and by whom? I've
heard, for example, that some people test building of packages in
testing to find FTBFS errors that happen after the package has already
entered testing, or to find missing build dependencies. I also know that
some other people than me are or were running piuparts on packages.

It would be nice to have a list of these, and maybe have a more
concerted and organized QA effort.

My immediate reason for asking is that I'm contemplating adding some
more QA stuff to my repertoire. For example, I could write a tool to
find missing conflicts by analyzing Contents-* files. Or I could start
doing test upgrades of a sarge chroot (with standard and higher priority
packages, or with all optional packages as well) to etch. Or maybe
something else, if someone has a good idea. I wouldn't want to duplicate
effort, though, there's no point in my doing something if someone else
is already doing it.

Just GNU it!

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