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Bug#253973: Bug #253973: PTS: could send emails about testing migration

Scripsit Justin Pryzby

> Have you considered mailing to pts news address?  I don't mean static
> news, but I think the same place as the uploads go.

It sounds like a good idea to me.

In the interest of not cluttering the testing-watch emails with a
variety of headers for different purposes, would it be possible to
have the extract_info function in
packages.qa.debian.org/www/bin/common.py recognize the
X-Testing-Watch-Package header as an alternative to the X-PTS-Package

(debian-qa readers: Please cc me)

Henning Makholm                "De kan rejse hid og did i verden nok så flot
                                 Og er helt fortrolig med alverdens militær"

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