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RM: jftw [was Re: Source packages apparantly without any users (popcon)]

Package: ftp.debian.org
Version: N/A; reported 2005-09-05
Severity: normal

Luk Claes wrote:

The following packages have 0 or 1 user according to popcon (at Debconf
time). Maybe some of them can be removed?
> [...]
jftw (0 bugs)
> [...]
> Maintainer: Joel Aelwyn <fenton@debian.org>
> Package: jftw

Ugh. Thought I'd filed to drop this one; it's not particularly useful except as a workaround for painful things in GNU libc's ftw implementation (for example, the licence and the code, at least if you want to do anything on a non-Linux system). It's only applicable on the BSD ports (and not all of those), and as far as I know it was donated to and is being adopted into the upstream libc in all cases where it matters, so it really has no purpose in being a Debian package anymore; it was available on a general basis on the theory that someone might be interested in the alternative, but I'd say the lack of users is a fairly good indication that, well, there aren't enough users to make it worth the archive space...

FTPMasters, please feel free to remove this from testing and unstable (and experimental, I guess, if it's there - I don't see any indication that it is, or anything in the changelog or uploads to indicate it ever should have been, though).
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