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Packages which aren't getting into "testing"

This is generated from bjorn.haxx.se data: these packages have been 
waiting a very long time to get into testing, but haven't (because of 
unfixed RC bugs).  I've included my thoughts on appropriate action.

Comments? Agreement, disagreement?

debian-doc-ja (out of date to the point of being misleading)
  Should be removed from unstable.
scandetd (patched FTBFS RC bug)
  Maintainer MIA.  54 popcon installations and up to date relative to 
  upstream.  Should be orphaned.
tleds (patched security RC bug)
  Needs a QA upload to change maintainer.
isic (patched FTBFS RC bug)
  27 popcon installs, 5 votes.  0.05 in Debian, 0.06 upstream.
  Ask maintainer to fix or remove.
cookietool (patched FBTFS RC bug)
  Last upload 2001.  "Maintainer" is apparently ignoring this package.
  Ask maintainer to fix or remove.
  No popcon users.  File conflicts outstanding 319 days.  "Maintainer"
  Anthony Fok (foka@debian.org) is MIA.  Remove package.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

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