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The openmosix packages in unstable are rotting and broken, and I would
suggest that they be removed. 
The openmosix package has a serious FTBS (#232810) for 1 year and 159 days old
as of this writing. The maintainer's response is, "Unfortunately I
don't tend to use OpenMosix any more...If someone's interested in
OpenMosix for 2.4 and want to see it in sarge I'd encourage them to
hijack the package or contact me about getting the issues fixed...".
The package has other important bugs that are trivial to fix (#230460)
and are nearly two years old.

The kernel-patch-openmosix has a known security bug (#319621), and no
fix is pending (the maintainer said, "IRC that the latest patch was
for 2.4.26 and that there are most likely many problems with this
patch, and that you "just can't get worked up over problems in 2+ year
old software".) The kernel-patch-openmosix has a wishlist bug
(#264290) for over a year asking to upgrade and it includes a patch in
the bug report.

When the maintainer made it clear that he did not care to maintain the
packages any longer, I suggested that he do the nice thing and RFA
them. He's unhelpful retort was that anyone can RFA them, suggesting
that I do so instead of bothering him to take care of his package

The Openmosix packages were not allowed into Sarge because of the
horrible state that they are in, and in my opinion the packages do not
provide any added value to the archive, but instead are a blight. 


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