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Re: Idea for maintaining packages up for adoption

Le mardi 19 juillet 2005 à 10:34 +0200, Benjamin BAYART a écrit :
> > and I can't see how the proposal will add anything that
> > can't already be done if you have active users & developers.
> The main difference is between having developpers and having
> Debian-developpers. When you say a package is orphaned this is a Debian
> status, which might not be that right in the real world.


> If a package is orphaned in Debian, but still have users and people
> willing to maintain the software, this proposition can help. More over,
> as Raphael explained, the same scheme might be used to obtain some other
> contributions from communities not in Debian. He gave the exemple of
> Perl, which is a good one.

Just to be clear, the Debian perl team is mostly composed of Debian
Developers ... but it's not required since the alioth project enables
external contributors to help.

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