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Re: removal requests of unattended RC buggy packages?


* Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org) [050621 11:26]:
> I'm trawling the list of build failures on various architectures, and I'm
> finding packages that have never, ever been successfully built on an
> autobuilder from day one, in spite of bug reports being filed early and
> often, e.g.: nemesi, bug #303075.  What should be the policy for requesting
> removal of such packages?  I think two months is more than enough time for a
> maintainer to get their act together before having the package bounced back
> out again.  Anyone disagree?

Great that you do it :)

It is on my list to go through all packages that are not in sarge and
have an RC-bug w/o appropriate activity, and compile a list of packages
for removal.

Of course, one should warn the maintainers appropriate, and perhaps
orphan in some cases (and/or do a MIA-check for some other cases).


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