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Re: packages with invalid maintainer fields

Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu> writes:

> I adopt no particular spam filtering rules at the SMTP layer, but I use
> bogofilter (a Bayesian-trained spam filter) to pre-process my mail and
> weed out the spam.  The chances of me noticing a false positive are
> non-zero but fairly low.  It is plausible that some users trying to
> contact me about my packages would have their mail filtered out and
> thereby receive no response from me.  (It's unlikely, or I wouldn't use
> this spam filtering method, but bogofilter is not immune to false
> positives.)

Do you drop the mail on the floor, give a connection-level error, or
send a bounce?

If you do either of the last two, then I think this isn't so bad,
provided your spam rules would pass another message which had the same
headers and different content saying "why did my message fail" or the

Or, alternatively, if you included a phone number in the bounce/error
so that people could contact you.

Really, this isn't mindless on my part: I've been stuck before with
this problem, and I don't ever want to be stuck again, because some
mail server has an over eager rule which prevents them from even
hearing about the problem while it's going on.

The specific cases *I'm* bothered by are methods which prevent all
mail, of whatever content, from arriving from particular
validly-configured hosts.


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