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Debian QA Meeting in Germany

Hi List,

as you might have read from my privious mails, we currently plan a
Debian QA Meeting in Darmstadt/Germany.  This will be in addition to
some QA Hacking @ debconf (Luk Claes offered to organize that).

This meeting is currently planed as some kind of mini-QA-Debconf with
some QA related talks as well as some discussion about better QA

Could all of you who plan to participate list these weekends from
beginning of July (after Debconf) 'til end of September, where you
definitifly will NOT be able to participate, so we get an overview when
it fits for most of us.

Also all of those who plan to come and need sponsorship on the travel
expenses, could you please contact me off-list, so we get an overview
how much money needs to be organzied. Please consider that we might not
be able to take over the travel expenses for all of you or the whole
amount. I can't promise yet that we get sponsorship at all, but i am
still hoping to get some sponsorship organized.


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